In this essay I'm trying something new, since this is neither my essay, nor my reading of it.

I was inspired to post this after recording episode 44 with Tom Bennet after hearing his story, and how much his story reminded me of the ideas within Self-Reliance.

So I went looking for an audiobook of it, inspired to search Spotify, when I found what you're about to hear.

I reached out to Adam and asked if I could post it on my pod, which he graciously said yes.

Adam also has two more episodes in his feed on this essay, one which is his modern translation of it that I also suggest.

With that I'll let Adam take over from here, thank you for listening, hope you enjoy this reading and that it sparks some inspiration.

Adam Bomb ~ Self-Reliance Translated

Image generated from Dall-E, Prompt: portrait of ralph waldo Emerson in the style of cyberpunk