this interview, beyond trying to capture a truly mind-bending reality about the world we live in, gives a glimpse into the elephant in the brain stuck at the center of our scientific community.

the assumption that we know all there is to know about water, how it forms on our planet or how it's used in our cells to power life.

those are the norms my guest Dr. Gerald Pollack has smashed with the help of his team, in the discovery of an additional phase of water past solid [ ice ], liquid [ water ] or gas [ steam ].

turns out there's a fourth phase called structured water, that's a gel like compound that forms in hexagon shape.

for the first part of the interview, Dr. Pollack tells me what makes him the most happy, which leads whether fittingly into a sneak peak behind the curtain into how the highest of the high level science is done

before going into what is structured water, how does it behave and what does that teach us about the world?

then wrapping up talking about the health properties of structured water and some of the amazing research being done, to say nothing of the paradigm shifting engineering potential to be done