For this episode, you’ll hear the second part of my conversation with returning guest Rowan Price, we go deep on all things web3, centering mostly on another great podcast episode from Tim Ferriss' show, where he's talking with Naval Ravikant and Chris Dixon ( link below ).

As we talk, we go back and forth on a few things.

Rowan, an alumnus of the early stages of the .com boom & bust, has a really novel perspective on the revolutionary movement in web3.
we talk about everything from what can be built on web3, what NFTs are, smart contracts, why these are novel advancements, that are way bigger than just the headlines of some shitty jpeg fetching millions at auction.

before sliding into a concept that Rowan presents, on how web3 is really a trojan horse for legacy companies to give legitimacy to the movement, while en essence, sowing the seeds of their very destruction.

while somewhere in the middle, Rowan asks me if I think that web3 will make the rich richer, or if it brings opportunity to the less fortunate, and why everyone should switch to Brave browser not only for it's native web3 features, but lack of surveillance.