this conversation covers a healthy amount of ground, and unintentionally dovetails quite well with the previous episode on the Chinese government's external propaganda.

it's with returning guest, Rowan Price. Rowan is an internet nomad, currently living in the EU and is a wealth of knowledge in everything modern history, literature, politics and much much more.

some might remember him, from episode two, where I interview him about his experience living and working near the world trade center in 2001.

in this installment though, we start off chatting about consciousness, after Rowan plays some linguistic judo with my typical question to guests and their happiness.

after playing around with what is or is not a summation of who you are as a being, we cover establishment media propaganda and narratives that emerge in times of crisis.

dive a bit into the Romans, and the propaganda brilliance of Julius Cesar, by way of Pax Americana as a means of american imperialism.
before talking about modern nation states, the rise of corporations and ending on a cliffhanger only initiating a conversation about web3 when i unfortunately had to cut the conversation short.

but! don't be worried, there will be a second installment coming very soon.